A red and blue butterfly perches on a tropical flower

One Planet. One Chance.

An exhibition for land and sea.

Long-time Cool Earth Ambassador, activist and mixed media artist, Leah Wood, is collaborating with Zebra One Gallery to curate ‘One Planet. One Chance’ an exciting exhibition for the environment.

Leah Wood has partnered with Zebra One Gallery to curate the ‘One Planet. One Chance.’ exhibition.

Following various campaigning roles in the environmental sector, Leah has turned her attention to raising awareness for all things rainforest.

“My passions are art, painting and my ambassador work for Cool Earth, so I’m proud to combine these to raise money and awareness for Cool Earth and Sea Shepherd at such a critical time for the planet. We must continue to take urgent climate action to protect rainforest and support people who live there.”
– Leah Wood

Artist Leah Wood stands in front of her painting of an orange butterfly. She wears a black dress with purple headband and is holding a selection of paintbrushes close to her chest.

This exhibition will showcase artwork from various artists that focus on the earth and sea,  and all of the species and ecosystems there.  It will also highlight the need for climate and environmental action to protect these magical landscapes. As well as raising awareness, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to Cool Earth and Sea Shepherd UK.

Pieces that will be showcased include Damien Hirst’s cherry blossoms, Andy Warhol’s Flowers, Bein Eines’ Earth and Bob Dylan’s sunflower. The exhibition will also feature work created by an array of artists with a passion for conservation including; bold photography by El Hardwick, mesmerising mushroom collages by Seana Gavin, urban art by Dom Pattinson and paintings by Leah herself.

Artist Leah Wood sits on a black sofa surrounded by a collection of her art work from left to right a Polar Bear, a panda, a tiger, an elephant, a butterfly, a gorilla, a turtle and a bumble bee.

The exhibition will launch with a Private View at Koppel Project on 2 June and will open to the public on 3 June, before moving to Zebra One Gallery’s virtual exhibition (www.zebraonegallery.com) with key pieces available to view in person at the Hampstead gallery until 16 June.

As a Cool Earth Ambassador, Leah has lent her artistic talents to us on many occasions, including designing t-shirts and Christmas cards that help raise money for rainforest protection.

We all wish Leah and all the artists showcased in ‘One Planet. One Chance.’ all the best for this exciting exhibition.

Be sure to visit or find out more information at @zebraonegallery or @leahwoodofficial