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Emergency relief for the Pakistan flood disaster

Floods in Pakistan – a third of the country is currently under water due to melting glaciers and torrential monsoons. This is a climate crisis.

Whether in oceans, rainforests or our cities, climate change driven by carbon emissions has skewed the planetary balance we once had, resulting in extreme weather globally. This extreme weather impacts marginalised people more than anyone else, especially in the global south where people are 15 times more likely to suffer from climate impacts[1]

In Pakistan, an estimated 33 million people (that’s one in every seven people in the country) have been affected by flash flood events with over a thousand people losing their lives [2] Levels of rainfall have been nearly 10 times higher than usual.

This is devastating news, and climate catastrophes will only increase. Whilst our work in rainforest focuses on longer-term climate resilience, we must continue to help people affected by climate emergencies right now.

Here are three organisations we believe in, supporting people right now:

The British Red Cross
International Rescue Committee

And, if you’re based in the UK any cash given to the DEC Pakistan Flood Appeal will be matched by the UK government.

Our thoughts are with all those affected.