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Helping make rainforest an even more pleasing place.

We’ve collaborated with Pleasing. A life brand founded in 2021 by Harry Styles.


A million+ people to engage.

There really is no reason that any hugely popular, celebrity-led brand wouldn’t want to collaborate with us (a radically optimistic, people-first climate charity).

The people we believe in and the projects we support are incredible. The truth is the indigenous and local peoples living in rainforest deserve fame, fortune and a globally recognised voice too. Their climate action allows the world to continue to be a place for joy, art and community.

Do you care for people, planet and creativity?

Then care about rainforest. Backing people living on the frontline of the climate crisis, those fighting it, benefits everyone, everywhere. The climate superstars that live in the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea rainforests inspire us daily. Now is the time for you, along with Pleasing, to be part of the crucial action. It’s time to be your own climate hero.

It starts in your head.

Call it PMA, call it radical climate optimism, call it what you like. Adapting and striving in the face of the climate crisis and any other injustice starts with the way we think. We’re not like other climate charities, our optimism and belief in people drive what we do. If you believe we all can make the world a kinder, more pleasing place, join us.

Make good things happen in rainforest now.

Pleasing’s second micro-collection, ‘Shroom Bloom’, dropped on 15 March 2022 with donations from each purchase directly supporting climate action in the three biggest rainforests on the planet.


We’ve chosen to work alongside Cool Earth. We love this global charity’s "climate optimism” that radiates throughout their community and beyond. Harry Styles, Pleasing's Founder

Back people, protect rainforest

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This stuff protects rainforest

Helping others is a way to change the world for the better and what a bonus to be able to do so whilst feeling great in a new ethical tee or treating yourself to the fairest trade chocolate cash can buy.

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