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A Dose of Climate Optimism

You are in exactly the right place for action-inspiring, doom-leaping, positivity-shining climate optimism stories.


Inuit knowledge continues to inform climate science [1]Bloomberg (2022)

We know that indigenous knowledge is key to addressing the climate crisis. SmartICE, an independent Inuit-run organisation, merges local knowledge and scientific data to inform research. This will benefit 32 communities across Canada’s north – and the rest of the world. Learning how Inuit and other Indigenous peoples relate and respond to environmental change is crucial, focusing specifically on adaptation and resilience.

Diébédo Francis Kéré is the first Black winner of the Pritzker prize [2]The Conversation (2022)

Kéré, from Burkina Faso, is the 2022 winner of the architectural prize, equivalent to the Nobel prize. Not only is his work climate-conscious and sustainable, but his focus is also on social impact architecture using traditional techniques, community involvement and local materials to bolster local economies and reinvigorate traditional knowledge.

We can grow air-con [3]Science Daily (2022)

A study by climate scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies [4]McConnell, et al. 2022 found that, in the right conditions, rooftop gardens and urban jungles could help reduce severe heat in cities. The benefits of green roofs depend on a variety of factors, which include location, diversity of plants and the building itself to keep cities cool.

Honolulu takes on Big Oil [5]Grist (2022)

The city and county of Honolulu, Hawaii, leads the charge when it comes to holding oil companies to account for their environmental impact. A major win has come about when Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree ruled in favour of this trial to proceed despite the Big Oil defendants fighting to dismiss the lawsuit.

175 Global states back the end to plastic pollution [6]Postitive News (2022)

Negotiations for a world-first treaty on ending plastic pollution have kick-started with the sign-off scheduled for the end of 2024. The treaty’s objective is to prevent, reduce and eliminate plastic pollution. It will focus on product life-cycles, removing existing plastic pollution and knowledge sharing to find solutions.

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