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Rainforest: Dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines

“I’m endlessly optimistic. If the people here can be given the assistance to lift their quality of life then they’re going to be able to do what culturally they want to do, which is to protect their homeland. This is where Cool Earth helps people in very practical ways, at the very edge of the forest. It’s the right place to be.”

Tony Juniper CBE, talking to Cool Earth in the Asháninka Partnership, Peru

Tony Juniper, Cool Earth Trustee

Tony Juniper on his visit to the Asháninka with Cool Earth in 2017.

Tony Juniper is Britain’s best-known environmental campaigner. He has published several successful and award-winning books including the Sunday Times bestseller What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? and Saving Planet Earth. He has worked on efforts to conserve tropical forests for more than thirty years. In researching his latest book, Rainforest: Dispatches from Earth’s Most Vital Frontlines, Tony travelled to Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership in the Peruvian Amazon to see first hand how Cool Earth’s partnerships work.

Rainforests are key to the health of our world. They maintain the water and air cycles, store carbon, and are also home to 50% of the world’s animals and plants. But with over half destroyed, we need to save what’s left. Rainforest explains why – and how, and cites Cool Earth as a leading example of how community conservation is effectively preventing deforestation.

This is the full story you’ve never heard. An in-depth, wide-ranging, first-hand narrative that not only looks at the state of the world’s rainforests today and the implications of their decline but also at the organisations working to protect the forests and the 1.6 billion people that depend on them. Cool Earth is one of those organisations.

Rainforest is a personal story, drawing on Tony’s many years’ experience at the frontline of the fight to save rainforest. Cool Earth is delighted to be included in this important book.