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Sue Weir

She still wonders, though, where her career might have led if she had taken up the offer of a place at the Royal College of Music!

Describe your typical day.

One of the wonderful things about my role is that no two days are the same. Mornings begin with a quick ‘hello’ and a conversation with my assistant to go through the meetings for the day.  Then I dive into emails.  Once they’ve been dealt with the real job starts – it might be reviewing a bespoke health plan for a potential customer; liaising with our solicitors on an acquisition; joining the monthly sales team meeting, or discussing with our charity group which applications to approve.  I love my job.

What made you want to work with Cool Earth?

Climate change appeared to be too big an issue for us to affect.  When we came across Cool Earth we realised very quickly that here was an organisation that was actually making a huge difference and doing it extremely efficiently.  It uses a model that can be, and has been, replicated in different places around the globe – wherever rain forest is at risk.  Once we appreciated that we could have a direct positive impact we didn’t hesitate in funding them.

What are you doing to help save the rainforest and prevent climate change?

We review every area of our work to see how we can minimise our impact on the environment – from keeping lights and air conditioning switched off, to using recycled items wherever feasible, to using public transport and hybrid vehicles.  This reduced our carbon footprint considerably over time.  Everyone was involved and we now encourage staff to take what they know and apply it to their home lives as well.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about doing something to protect the rainforest?

Don’t hesitate – take action now.  Cool Earth is here to help you and they’re a great organisation to work with.