Cool Earth earns top spot on best charities for tackling climate change list

In the vast landscape of climate-focused charities striving to enact meaningful change, we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone: our recognition as the top charity addressing climate change, acknowledged by Impactful Ninja

This accolade is not just a win for Cool Earth but also stands as a tribute to the Indigenous peoples and local communities we’re dedicated to supporting. Their unwavering efforts on the frontlines, defending their fundamental human rights, make this honour more than just a celebration—it’s a testament to their resilience and commitment to safeguarding our planet.

And it’s not only Impactful Ninja that’s recognised our work. We’ve also been voted one of the “Best Charities Actively Fighting Climate Change” by Donorbox, as well as one of the top “Charities That Support The Amazon Rainforest” by Buzzfeed and Sustainable Sunday’s “Best Charities for the Planet“. Plus, we couldn’t have put it better than The Round Up who voted us as one of the Top Climate Change Charities that REALLY Make a Difference.

So how does our work in supporting Indigenous peoples and local communities help fight the climate crisis?

Well, when these rainforest communities are displaced by corporations or discriminatory governments, the rainforest they used to call home will disappear. Which is not only an environmental disaster but a huge humanitarian crisis too. 

We support these communities by providing a basic income for people living in the rainforest, building rainforest labs so that they can monitor their forests, improving access to healthcare, and fighting legal battles that ensure rainforests belong to their rightful Indigenous and local owners forever more. All of these programmes ensure supported and resilient rainforest communities that are better able to resist threats to their homes.

And as for the trees, they stay standing.