Time to look on the Bright Side

Optimism and the action that inspires. It is not the first thing most people think of when talking about climate, but it should be.


Every three months we send our supporters The Bright Side; an email full of positive climate action stories direct from the rainforest.

The fight for the climate crisis starts in our heads 

If all we consume is stories of doom and gloom, we don’t stand a chance in cooling Earth. In fact, this can lead to a crisis of inaction, apathy and avoidance altogether.

Balance is key and we aim to give it to you

We’re realists. We understand the fight for the climate has stories, both good and bad, that can fuel climate action.

With your help, we will cool our planet

We see climate action in rainforest every single day, alongside acts of generosity and innovation that push the protection of our planet forward.

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