Vivienne Westwood uses the runway to launch rainforest fundraising campaign

Vivienne Westwood invests in protecting rainforest with the charity Cool Earth, announcing to her friends, “I am personally supporting Cool Earth and investing in our future.”

Endangered species, scarf by Vivienne Westwood

International designer and environmental campaigner Vivienne Westwood used the runway at her Red Label fashion show 2011, to launch a fundraising project for Cool Earth.

Dame Vivienne Westwood announced to her guests, “I am personally supporting Cool Earth and investing in our future… I’m inviting my friends, celebrities and everyone interested in saving our beautiful world to join me. Think about getting involved.” The official launch of the fundraiser, which will also see Cool Earth initiate a public campaign, will be in November and aims to raise enough support to save some of the world’s most vulnerable forest by 2020.

Dame Vivienne Westwood who has been a long time supporter of Cool Earth’s community led rainforest projects, went on to inform her guests, which included Pamela Anderson, Erin O’Connor and Sadie Frost, of her plans to aid Cool Earth in extending its conservation model, along the critical arcs of deforestation in the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Borneo. “Most of you know that I’ve always used my fashion shows as a platform for my belief in the importance of social justice and the urgent need to fight climate change. Tonight I introduce the rainforest charity, Cool Earth, and a campaign that is very close to my heart – a plan to save the most vulnerable Rainforest areas by 2020.