Aerial image of a village near a river with forested mountains in the background.


Believe in the Awajún to protect their home, the Amazon.

We work with the Awajún across 16,000 hectares of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The Awajún are people that protect nature, not exploit it.

Living along the banks of the Marañon river, they are the second-largest indigenous group in the Amazon (after the Asháninka), their mutual coexistence with rainforest is their way of life.

We partner with two communities to help continue this balance; to keep three million tonnes of earth-cooling carbon right where it is.

The Awajún have always faced threats and always fought back.

We’re talking gold, oil, timber, mining and monoculture plantations. The banks of the Amazon near Urakuza and Huaracayo, have rarely been seen as homes but instead as resources. The real threat faced by people that live here, even beyond the climate crisis, is the threat of greed and the resulting climate breakdown.

The Awajún need choices.

Choice (by which we mean, donations) allow new livelihoods, sustainable food production and rainforest insights to inform climate action. All this arms the Awajún people with what they need to continue protecting their homes, their culture, traditions, history which also means, carbon stored in the rainforest.

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