Parijaro is Cool Earth’s most remote partnership in the Asháninka.

Coming from the Asháninka word for waterfall, this high altitude community live perched on a plateau overlooking the Cutivireni river. The remote and dense rainforest of Parijaro became a refuge for many Asháninka during the Shining Path era of the 1980s and 1990s. It is this remoteness that has, in the past, kept the forest protected from external threats and allowed local traditions and cultures to flourish.

But this distance often makes it hard to develop and access vital services. With the nearest medical outpost a long ten-hour walk away, combined with poverty and a lack of a varied diet, malnutrition rates run high in Parajaro.

Cool Earth are working with the community to develop sustainable incomes that tackle these challenges. At 1,400 metres high, Parijaro has an altitude ideally suited for growing coffee, which local people are keen to develop as their main income source. 

Training in the use of degradable biocides, agroforestry techniques and knowledge sharing of natural ways to stop disease will ensure the crop is sustainably grown and improve the quality of the beans at the same time. By supporting growers to connect with local buyers and regional markets, Cool Earth is enabling financial resilience that promotes protection of the forest.

Location: Junín Province, Peru



Poverty through a lack of sustainable income opportunities places huge pressure on the forest. The need for healthcare, education, and cash for emergencies means offers for the forest become unavoidable.

When accessing adequate nutrition is a challenge and reliable incomes are nonexistent, many use slash and burn to grow food, degrading forest in the process.

Access to education for many remains too distant, expensive, or simply non-existent. This holds many back from accessing regular employment, an income or getting involved in community decisions.


Planned outcomes

At 1,400 metres in altitude, Parijaro is ideally suited for growing coffee. The community wants to develop their coffee crop into their main income source. Cool Earth has been working with the coffee growers to improve cultivation and harvesting techniques and to put them in touch with local buyers and markets that can be sustainable in the long-term.

By using the bridge funding to invest in basic needs, the community are working to develop regenerative and sustainable farming designs to reduce pressure on the forest and address rates of malnutrition in the community.



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