Asháninka Additional Community Priorities

Asháninka Additional Community Priorities

Malnutrition is one of the greatest health problems for our Asháninka partners, with as many as nine in ten children suffering from anaemia.

The polluted rivers provide little in the way of protein, so to address the urgent need a fish breeding programme was started by the community.

Our expert fish farming technicians in the Awajún visited the Asháninka to share their knowledge. They helped build a fish breeding laboratory in the village of Cobeja, producing fish fry to stock ponds across the partnership.

Families have also been provided with chickens and ducks as an additional source of much-needed protein. This reduces the need to rely on the forest for bushmeat hunting. With our support, Jaime, Cool Earth’s chief Biodiversity Officer, is producing workshops which he will use to educate the communities about the most sustainable seasons and species to hunt, reducing the impact on biodiversity.

Edgar is working with the communities to teach them how to grow more nutritious vegetables, as traditionally the Asháninkan diet has largely revolved around yucca. Now, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions, radishes, spinach and bananas all feature on their growing menu.

Asháninka Additional Community Priorities

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Since 2016, our partners have installed tippy-taps for 197 families so they can wash their hands with soap and running water using a foot pedal. This very simple technology, built from recycled materials, is directly addressing rates of diarrhoea, especially in children.

With high rates of infant mortality, the mothers in the villages asked us to help set up a health programme. After a community workshop 15 women were elected to be health promoters. They’re now providing training to mothers and families in other villages on best practice to improve health.

Asháninka Additional Community Priorities

Over the years Cool Earth have built or extended 7 rainforest schools in the Asháninka.

This ensures that children have access to an education year-round, giving them a springboard from which to enter higher education in Saitipo. Scholarship programmes have supported 10 students to continue on to further education in Satipo, helping with accommodation and other costs whilst away from home.

Asháninka Additional Community Priorities
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