Awajún Additional Community Priorities

Awajún Additional Community Priorities

Cool Earth’s investment mean that Huaracayo’s fish farms are going swimmingly.

It’s all thanks to Bernado Ipukuy and Josue Morales’ hard work. Bernado has successfully managed to ensure that the carp in the breeding centre are big and healthy. They will now be able to produce eggs all year round. This means that there will be a continuous supply of much needed protein in the community, as well as an extra source of income.

Awajún Additional Community Priorities

In 2016 Cool Earth funded growers from the Awajún visited Honduras to learn about a revolutionary new agroforestry technique from the Inga Foundation.

Inga is extraordinary. When planted in rows it provides shade for crops, the leaves make great mulch and even produce their own pesticide. The roots of this tree fix nutrients from the leaf mulch into the soil, so even the oldest of garden plots can be used again and again, eliminating the need to clear any more forest.

Marin Orrego brought three seedlings back from Honduras and started his inga plot as soon as he returned home. Now he is ready to plant his shaded food garden and teach the rest of the community how to grow inga. Marin’s hard work will ensure that everyone’s gardens are productive and can offer them a varied and nutritious diet.

Awajún Additional Community Priorities
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