Asháninkan Forest Health

Asháninkan Forest Health

We’ve seen evidence of endangered Spectacled Bears close to our partner villages.

Having these rare species in their forest is a great advantage for our partners. Their presence and need for protection is another weapon in their armoury against the loggers. Jaime is one of Cool Earth’s greatest assets. Walking up to ten hours a day to monitor the animal species in the Asháninka he knows the forest better than anyone. He has analysed his camera trap footage and determined which species are common or rare in the surrounding forest, as well as recording when the animals have their breeding seasons.

This knowledge is so powerful as Jaime has now developed sustainable hunting workshops, educating communities how to avoid hunting vulnerable species, or any species during their breeding season. With this new information, along with the chickens and fish farms, Jamie is hopeful that the biodiversity in the forest will continue to improve due to reduced hunting pressure.

Asháninkan Forest Health
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