April 20, 2015

How We Work

STEP ONE: A Village contacts Cool Earth

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We only work where the rainforest is most at risk. And to protect the rights of indigenous people, we only partner with villages that approach us.

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STEP TWO: The village commits to a Forest Protection Agreement

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The village forms an association and signs an agreement with Cool Earth that ensures:

No forest is cleared

Forest remains owned by the village

Funding is spent to benefit the community as a whole

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STEP THREE: Everyone has a say on how Cool Earth funds are spent

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The village decides what it needs most: everything from clean water and a new classroom to midwife training and mosquito nets.

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STEP FOUR: We build livelihoods to outprice destruction

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Cool Earth enables the village to earn more from keeping the forest standing than selling to loggers, by investing in income streams like cacao, coffee and coconut oil.

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STEP FIVE: Word of mouth spreads our work

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Neighbouring villages see Cool Earth as a partner they can trust and ask to work with us too. As villages link up, a shield is formed to protect the forest behind.

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