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A stitch in time

A stitch in time

"In my village there used to be a sewing group but the lady who ran it had to move away. When I knew I could get funding from Cool Earth I thought it would be a perfect way for the women in my village to earn some money. I helped set up the Stalie Women’s Business group.

We used to make clothes and sell them in nearby villages. With sewing machines that were kindly donated by Brother, we’ll be able to start again. This time, we will also start a savings and loans group so that we can start saving the money from the clothes, and my family can take a loan if there is an emergency like someone needing hospital treatment.”

Sharing the idea

Sewing and making clothes and textiles is a skill many women in Cool Earth’s partner villages already have. With investments in business training and savings groups, we can turn their smart ideas into income generating micro businesses. 


More Ideas

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