What Is The Kraken Cup?

An Adventurist Update

Behold the Adventurists’ First Ocean Voyage

The last frontier of adventuring on the planet. Unhindered by health and safety. Limitless opportunity for getting overwhelmingly lost, or drowned. The Ocean – how could we resist?

More specifically the Indian Ocean. Even more specifically a race through the Zanzibar Archipelago on a dugout canoe powered by a bed sheet.

The open seas are the last frontier of adventuring on our good planet. Unhindered by health and safety they present a limitless opportunity for getting utterly and overwhelmingly lost.

For the Adventurists first foray into the seas, they’ve chosen the temperate waters of the Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of Tanzania.

They’re not in the habit of running a gin cruise so this is a race. After all the best way of proving your superiority over your peers is by thrashing the wind-powered pants off them.

This is a 500 km staged race; driven by the Kusi trade wind from the start 0n Kilwa Kisiwani island to the finish line in Mkoani on Pemba Island.

On each stage of the race, you’ll be navigating your own way through a string of tiny islands and a few checkpoints, staying each night on whichever island you reach, trying to find your way to the finish line and perhaps a victory.

Nagalawa Boat

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