August 6, 2021

Six years old and saving the world: Meet Aleesha, Cool Earth’s youngest rainforest protector.

At just 6 years old, Aleesha is taking climate action by scooting 50 miles (80km) across Nottingham on her trusty scooter to raise money for Cool Earth.

We’re impressed with Aleesha’s dedication, especially as she is taking on the challenge in her school holidays.

Aleesha is not only a star fundraiser, but is quickly carving out a career as an environmental lobbyist; writing to Sir David Attenborough, the prime minister and the Queen to ask them, in her own words:

 “What have you been doing about the rainforests? Because if all the rainforests are cut down everything on Earth will die.”

This dedicated environmentalist has been on the news too, raising awareness of Cool Earth’s work across local and national media:

“I would like to do my part and try to save the rainforests. All the money raised will go towards making this a greener planet.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Aleesha. 

Feeling inspired by Aleesha? Take a leaf (sorry) out of her book:

  • Write to your MP and ask what action they are taking to fight climate change
  • Tell people about Cool Earth and our work.
  • Share our posts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Donate to a climate charity (we can think of a good one)
  • Fundraise to support people living in rainforest 

Help Aleesha meet her fundraising target by donating here.


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