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For the past five years, we’ve done something crazy. We’ve actually taken Adventurist teams out to the rainforest with us. Miraculously they’ve all returned (alive). These trips have been such a smashing success that we’ve decided to do it again this year.

All your team has to do is raise £1,000 (or more) for Cool Earth and you could be joining us in the Amazon rainforest, seeing first hand where all your hard-earned money is being spent.

In January 2022 we’ll draw up a final list of teams who tick the fundraising box. From this list, we’ll select at random a team to fly to Peru to visit the Asháninka people and see how they’re saving the rainforest.

This money can’t buy prize is totally unique, there are no roads to this part of the jungle and uninvited visitors aren’t welcome. You literally can’t get there any other way. How cool is that?

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Competition Rules in Brief

1. Funds must reach Cool Earth by Friday 31st December 2021. Raising through Cool Earth’s platform or Just Giving is the best way to ensure you hard-raised money gets to us in time.

2. Teams are a maximum of 4 people.

3. Only fundraising towards Cool Earth is considered.

4. There is no alternative prize and if the winner can’t make the dates, the prize goes to someone else.

5. Cool Earth’s word is final. Also, attempts to win the competition by bribery will go ignored.

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