Long Way Up visits the Peruvian Amazon

13,000 miles, 13 countries, 2 familiar faces. One Cool Earth partnership and more than a few challenges along the way. 

In 2019, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor set off on one of their now-famous expeditions. This time, Long Way Up. A 150-mile a day drive from the southern tip of Argentina all the way up to Los Angeles, but this time, with a difference – travelling by electric motorbike.

Ewan and Charley paused their journey to spend time in the lush tropical rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon. Visiting one of the Asháninka communities that Cool Earth works alongside, they saw first-hand how local people are developing sustainable incomes to tackle deforestation, committed to finding the best ways to protect the forest. 

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Long Way Up visits the Peruvian Amazon
“It’s a different way of thinking.It’s empowerment. It’s... a sustainable income, rather than chopping down the forest. I think this place really works. I love it here.”
- Charley Boorman

Watch Charley and Ewan visit Cool Earth’s partnership with the Asháninka in episode 7 of Long Way Up now on Apple TV+

The documentary was filmed in 2019 before the world would face a global pandemic. Now, coronavirus has spread to rainforest communities worldwide, causing food shortages and a loss of income for thousands of families. Cool Earth is supporting rainforest people with urgently needed food, medicine and fast growing seeds so they can remain resilient despite the huge challenges ahead.

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Long Way Up visits the Peruvian Amazon

“I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere like this, where people are really living off the forest. We weren’t driven to do this trip because we are environmentalists, but it’s opened my mind up to what’s going on in the world. It’s been beautiful to come here to the rainforest. It’s spectacular.”

 Ewan McGregor

Long Way Up visits the Peruvian Amazon

 “What we need is for each of us to be conscious of how we treat our forest. I’m thinking of the generations to come. My grandchildren. Leaving something here for them.” 

Jaime, Ashàninka community member

Through The Planet Mark certification scheme, Long Way Productions have made a generous donation to Cool Earth, helping people living like Jaime in the Peruvian Amazon to keep their forest standing.

With the release of Long Way Up exclusively on Apple TV+, journey to the rainforest with Charley and Ewan and learn about the challenges faced by those that call rainforest home. We’re thankful to Ewan and Charley for raising awareness of rainforest protection, highlighting the amazing work of people like Jaime, and the inspiring communities Cool Earth works alongside.

Left to right: Deylar Capaquia, Charley Boorman, Adelaida Bustemante, Ewan MacGregor, Isabel Felandro

“What started as a personal project for two friends became a documentary that would take them to travel the world, experience different cultures and connect with people in the most remote places. After visiting Cutivireni, Charley and Ewan got a better idea of how complicated the world of conservation is, the different interests at stake, and how important it is to know and listen to people who live in, and depend on, the forest.”

Isabel Felandro, Cool Earth Project Manager who travelled with them to Cutivireni.


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