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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

News and Stories

We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

Sounds that soothe, Harmonic Breathing

Breathe in.   Breathe out.   Relax.   🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏻🧘🏽‍♂️   Given the state of the world, relaxing isn’t always the easiest thing to do.   Harmonic breathing is here to help change that.

La Niña and the health crisis in Parijaro

Living in rainforest can mean living in extremely remote locations. Remoteness in many of our rainforest partnerships leads to limited access to infrastructure and facilities that can be taken for granted in other parts of the world, such as reliable…

Tackling deforestation with football

Our partners at CCREAD (the Centre for Community Regeneration and Development) in Cameroon continue to build a foundation for climate action with a focus on joy and wellbeing.   Why wellbeing? Happiness makes for a solid foundation for us…

Cool Earth’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that nearly £30,000 was raised during Cool Earth’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal.   This will be instrumental for rainforest communities during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, helping to feed families and protect forest. Thank you for…

Tajimat Pujut: Wellbeing in rainforest

Wellbeing in rainforest. When it comes to development, all too often it’s one or the other. A community-led approach to conservation embraces and learns from local traditions while scaling up and supporting sustainable development. By using the latest…