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A bird's eye view of the edge of the forest where trees meet bulldozers.

The Attenborough Effect: You listened to him on plastics, now it’s time to act on palm.

Last year, he did more to save our oceans than any government by getting us to cut single-use plastic in half.

Now, he’s doing the same for rainforest.


In ‘Climate Change: The Facts’, Sir David Attenborough came to the simple and inescapable conclusion: If we are to avert climate breakdown, saving rainforest must be top of humanity’s to-do list.
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“Things are going to get worse – not a message we like to hear, but denial is no longer an option. Bold action is.”
– Sir David Attenborough

And the bold action he recommends is protecting rainforest from the advance of palm plantations. Worldwide, up to 27 million hectares of pristine rainforest have been replaced with this homogeneous species of tree. These monocultures contain up to 90% less carbon and support a fraction of the wildlife that is found in primary forest. It’s pushing many animals to the brink of extinction.

Turn down palm oil products and empower forest communities. It’s the key to saving the rainforest.