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A Dose of Climate Optimism

It’s Earth Day, lets talk climate optimistic news.


Mail order wiggly worms tackle waste. [1]Country Living (2022)

Fancy receiving climate change fighting worms in the post? Now you can. The Urban Worm Community Interest Group is encouraging people throughout the UK to become worm farmers. By feeding organic waste to worms, it can be broken down naturally before it starts to emit harmful gasses whilst the worms waste can be used as organic fertiliser.

A pair of cupped hands hold a handful of brown soil containing lots of earthworms

Scotland’s forest have tripled in size. [2]The New Statesman (2022)

Leading the charge on rewilding, Scotland are transforming their forests. As well as forest coverage increasing from 6% to 18% in the last century, the support of the Scottish people has seen the restoration of wetlands, grasslands, seas, and wildlife.

People power shut down fossil fuel exploration. [3]The energy mix (2022)

In a world first, Quebec’s government voted to ban new oil and gas exploration and shut down existing drill sites within three years. A big shout out to the citizen groups who have campaigned for decades to make this happen.

A win for rainforest saving communities [4] The Optimist Daily  (2022)

The community of the Massaha village in Gabon have saved their ancestral forest from logging. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, a request to declassify a logging concession area has been approved and will be reclassified as a protected area. The nation’s environment minister has announced a ban on commercial logging in the area.

A river winds through lush tropical rainforest in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

Shredding cardboard for good. [5]UpWorthy (2022)

Evan Lam, a Hawaiian eco-entrepreneur, is dealing with the island’s cardboard problem by upcycling it in many creative ways from sustainable packing supplies and organic weed cover to compostable mailers and mulching for farmers.


If you would like to read more about any of these Climate Optimistic News Stories check out our reference list below.

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