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A low angle of rainforest trees with sun bursting through the canopy.

Cool Earth welcomes the Queen’s Green Canopy

Plant a tree for Her Majesty.

Corners of car parks.

Patches of playgrounds.

Plots, lots, tracts, and scrub.

Is there a spot you know of with Ash’s name on it? Hazel’s? Holly’s or Willow’s?

Land that begs for a green jewel in its crown, or a red one, or brown or yellow?

Pick a place to put a tree.

Plant it and picture it now, a year from now, or seventy even.

Plant one not just for Her Royal Majesty but for yourself, for strangers, wildlife, and for the whole planet.

Remember that trees don’t just capture carbon, filter our air and offer a place for birds to rest; trees are a place for picnics, for hide and seek, for climbing, reflection and imagination. Who knows what could be dreamt up, said, done or promised underneath yours?

So ask yourself, your friends, and your family to ‘plant a tree with me for The Queen’s Jubilee’.

The Queen’s Green Canopy is a nationwide drive to plant trees where individuals, groups, businesses, and whole towns and cities will arm themselves with the knowledge and know-how to plant up thousands of trees to mark The Queen’s Jubilee.

Cool Earth is proud to host the Queen’s Green Canopy, helping people in the UK protect their local environment in the fight against the climate crisis.

We believe that carbon capturing, wildlife-homing, rain-making trees keep our planet and climate in balance.

Whether you live in the Peruvian rainforest, the city of London, or the Cornish coast, tree-based conservation is the smartest climate action you can take.

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