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With an electric push forward everyone can do good for the Earth

The power of collaboration

At Cool Earth, we believe in people. People who come together and collectively take back control. In our mission to halt deforestation and its devastating impact on the climate crisis, biodiversity, and the livelihoods of indigenous communities, we’ve partnered with electric bike specialist Cowboy and renowned artist and activist, Coco Capitán.

Why Cowboy?

Cowboy are the first E-bike manufacturer to became a B-corp certified organisation. 

Recognising that cars are responsible for 12% of all EU Carbon emissions, Cowboy continues their efforts to get people out of cars and onto bikes.

71% of car journeys are of a distance of under 5 miles, and in the UK 25% of all car journeys are less than 1 mile. Cowboy believes that these shorter journeys could be easily replaced by E-bikes and consequently work to reduce carbon emissions if we all made that conscious choice. 

Why Coco? 

Known for her thought-provoking artwork centred around environmental issues, the collaboration with Coco Capitán seeks to engage a wider audience and ignite conversations about the urgency of forest conservation, with an ‘electric push’ forward. By channelling the provocative artistic style of Coco Capitán and the urban mobility and sustainability focus of Cowboy, the power of people is harnessed in a three-way collaboration that unites disruptive fashion, artistic storytelling, and positive climate action.

The T-Shirt

Funds are raised in this collaboration through the sale of the Cowboy x Coco Capitán limited edition T-Shirt, featuring a handwritten text reading:

Cowboy x COCO Capitan T Shirt design

Cowboy x COCO Capitan T Shirt design

The perfect t-shirt inside and out. Make a powerful statement and have a positive impact with this exclusive Cowboy x Coco Capitán creation. All proceeds go toward Cool Earth, protecting rainforests and supporting indigenous communities. Cowboy describes the collaborative T-shirt

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