Indigenous leaders call for a global pact

Indigenous leaders throughout the Amazon basin call for a global pact.


With positive change for rainforest and Indigenous peoples in Ecuador and Colombia, and hope in Brazil, things are looking better for overall protection of the Amazon rainforest.

This week indigenous leaders from all nine Amazon basin countries gathered in Lima, Peru, to put pressure on world leaders to agree to a global pact to protect 80% of the Amazon rainforest by 2025 (Reuters).

This 80×25 goal was agreed on at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) congress in France last year and the Indigneous Peoples Summit in Lima was an opportunity to highlight the urgency of the need for the global pact ahead of climate COP27 in Egypt in November. This is where the pact will be presented to global leaders.

Amazon Rainforest in Anavilhanas National Park, Amazonas – Brazil

This is very timely, as scientists have been warning that the Amazon is reaching a tipping point from which it can’t recover (New Scientist).

This potential turning point in policy for Amazon protection couldn’t be more urgent.