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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

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We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

COP 27

Five things that should take centre stage, but probably won't...

Lula vs Bolsonaro – Hope for the Brazilian Amazon

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has a 15% lead in the polls ahead of President Jair Bolsonaro ahead of the first round of elections due on October 2nd (Reuters) . If 50% of the vote isn’t secured by either…

Indigenous leaders call for a global pact

Indigenous leaders throughout the Amazon basin call for a global pact.   With positive change for rainforest and Indigenous peoples in Ecuador and Colombia, and hope in Brazil, things are looking better for overall protection of the Amazon rainforest. This…

Colombia’s first left wing government

Climate action and social justice on the cards for Colombia’s first left wing government.   Colombia has made history with its first left-wing government. Cue Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, Colombia’s President and Vice President were sworn in in August…

Global Policy Update

There’s a lot going on in the world of government and climate policy right now. Our Deputy Director, Hannah Peck, also our global policy aficionado, shared her pick of recent global policy updates. Here’s our roundup: 1. BRAZIL – In…

Biden signs the US Climate Bill.

A crucial climate bill has been signed by President Biden. Biden’s Climate bill, dubbed the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, has overcome senate in-fighting, and is now signed into law.