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Loggers burn Amazon Indians home

The home of isolated Brazilian Indians was recently invaded and burned by loggers.

A settlement of voluntary isolated Awá Indians was recently invaded by loggers. One of the Indians – a child – was reportedly burned alive. Less than 70% of Awá territory presently remains intact.

The remains of the burned child were discovered by members of a neighbouring tribe – the Guajajara – who arrived shortly after the logger raid. No-one has seen this Awa group since the attack. The Brazilian government’s Indian Affairs Department – FUNAI – is investigating the reports but stresses that the child’s death has not been confirmed.

One of the last nomadic hunter-gather groups still living a completely traditional lifestyle in the Brazilian rainforest, the Awa are suffering these days. The area they live in is being heavily logged. According to a Guajajara spokesperson, the loggers are pressuring the isolated settlements and Indians in the area are very scared.

The Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) in Maranhão claim that there are 400 indigenous Awá in total and some 60 of them still live in constant isolation. While the majority of Awá live in legally recognized reserves, they are nevertheless hemmed into ever smaller spaces as loggers, settlers and cattle ranchers invade their land and disappear the forest.

Source: Survival International