The pen is mightier than the bulldozer

Signing the Forest Agreement in Peru

Rainforest conversation has a grim history. Something we strive to resolve. One way we do this is by returning autonomy to the people we work with, people we believe in and know are crucial to turning the tide on the climate crisis.


What is a Forest Agreement?

In each partnership, every year, a forest agreement is signed. The agreement outlines not what we want to do but what the community want. We ask. We listen. We draft our proposal and present it where the whole community, quite frankly, grills us on how and where exactly we are offering support. This gives everyone a say in what another year of partnership and support looks like, and most importantly, where the money is spent.

A signed forest agreement document is held up to the camera over a handshake.

Isabel, Peru Programme Manager, and Robin, chief of Huaracayo, signing the forest agreement for 2022.

A humble pen is a powerful tool for climate action. Biro, felt tip, permanent marker. Whatever is used, whether it’s for forest agreements, to solidify land rights, to map, to draw posters and flyers or to write fat cheques that fund projects. Climate action happens on sheets of paper not just deep in tropical rainforest.

Our latest field trip to visit our Awajun partners centred around getting a new forest agreement signed and; it was. Read about it here.

Felling inspired? You don’t have to live in rainforest to take climate action. Find out what you can do here.

Urakuza, Amazonas, Peru.
Urakuza, Amazonas, Peru.