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The shortest (and simplest) blog we’ll ever write

If you read the news, own some sort of social media account or just speak to people in the street, you already know that the planet is burning and it’s making lots of places unbearable to live in*.

We don’t need to relay the news because the headlines keep coming: Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory – scientists, Record temps continue on land and in the water for 2023, Deadly Mediterranean wildfires kill more than 40. What we’d like to emphasise is that these headlines are specific to Southern Europe and that we recognise that millions of people bear the brunt of recurring extreme weather events all around the world and all year round.

If you’re feeling pretty helpless or want to inspire people around you, here’s a very simple solution that will keep this planet habitable.

Rainforests are essential carbon sinks. The people that live there have historically shaped and stewarded those lands, for the better. If you want to support people so they continue to do so and beat the climate crisis, you are in the right place. Cool Earth exists to do just this.

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*For a lot of people around the world, it has been the case for a long time.