Vivienne and Daphne Fight To End Ecocide

Fighting for the environment on the catwalk.

The rainforests of Papua New Guinea are a far cry from the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week but the two came together for Vivienne Westwood’s Fashion Show.

Splashed across an exquisitely designed t-shirt with the slogan “Cool Earth. Papua New Guinea” was Daphne – a girl from Cool Earth’s partner village in eastern Papua New Guinea. Daphne is joining Vivienne in her fight to protect the environment.

A model walking down the catwalk wearing Vivienne Westwood

No one is more vulnerable to changes in the environment than Daphne and her village, which is at-risk of being washed away by rising sea levels. Their forest is also under threat from being turned into a palm oil plantation.

Vivienne and husband Andreas used their Paris Show to show support for End Ecocide – a campaign that aims to make the destruction of ecosystems a crime. Daphne’s world saving t-shirt will be on sale with Vivienne’s Gold Label Spring/Summer 2015 range. Cool Earth is raising funds to be able to offer Daphne and her village a chance to keep their forest standing.