Rainforest meets ocean. We see someone in a canoe next to a palm lined shore with a large misty hill covered in trees in the background.

New Guinea Rainforest

The third-largest rainforest on Earth.

The rainforest in New Guinea boasts monumental Earth-cooling potential – our work here aims to keep it that way.


Stretching 73 million hectares, the New Guinea rainforest is incredibly biodiverse, resource-rich and extremely valuable. Valuable to the people that call it home, to exploitative industries and in the fight against the climate crisis.

This rainforest stores around 6.9 billion tonnes of carbon and counting. Crucially, it is still a carbon sink (it captures and stores more carbon than it emits) but it needs protection.

Mining, logging and industrial farming is increasing in The New Guinea. The climate breakdown effects that come with this threatens the health of rainforest, the lives of the people that live there and the processes that balance the climate.

Trees need biodiversity

Animals, birds, insects and reptiles create balance in rainforest and ensure that they stay carbon sinks.

Protecting Biodiversity