Portrait of Vivienne Westwood wearing the t-shirt she designed for Cool Earth.

Vivienne Westwood – A Life in Powerful Protest

In the week we say goodbye to our Patron and environmental campaigner Vivienne Westwood, our Director Matthew reflects on her life, and decade of commitment to Cool Earth.

It has been overwhelmingly sad to lose Vivienne. As well as an outstanding patron and ferocious advocate for our work, she was a wonderful friend to us. It’s been over a month since she passed, we have been reflecting on our memories  of a serious and compassionate campaigner whose sheer indignation with the climate crisis transformed how we all now protest against it.

So many of my memories of Vivienne are of visits to the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon, and of course, her boundless curiosity –  one question from Vivienne always led to a dozen more. Her ability to make a genuine connection to people wherever she was in the world was remarkable – memories of her visits all those years ago to the Asháninka and Awajún still remain strong with communities there who she spoke with so passionately about the rainforest.

She will be deeply missed, but her legacy, tenacity and vision will live on.

Rest in Power Vivienne.