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#VOXIdrop Collaboration

Protecting rainforest through the power of mobile.

Our very own #VOXIdrop


A collaboration with youth-oriented mobile network, VOXI

In November, VOXI, the dynamic mobile network for young people, powered by Vodafone, joined us in a collaboration to protect rainforest through the power of mobile, with a climate-themed #VOXIdrop.

With 76% of VOXI’s Gen-Z consumers saying climate change is one of their biggest concerns, joining forces means driving tangible impact on the ground, raising awareness about the vital role rainforests play in mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity.

A special green-themed #VOXIdrop campaign

VOXI invited its users to be part of the climate crisis solution. By logging into their accounts, users triggered a £4 donation from VOXI to the project of their choice – Biodiversity, People, or Trees. They voted here.

We’re all about the power of choice 

Call it the freedom to choose your contribution. Working alongside VOXI, this innovative initiative encouraged individuals to actively participate in rainforest preservation while raising awareness about the significance of biodiversity, supporting indigenous communities, and safeguarding rainforest for generations to come. The choice was theirs.

So, what were the #VOXIdrop stats?

14,364 codes redeemed from the #VOXIdrop and Cool Earth collaboration.

£63,000 donated to Cool Earth for rainforest conservation, read our stories to see this donation in action. 

42% voted to back people, understanding that the people living in rainforest are the most effective guardians, and providing cash helps them adapt and doing what they do best. 

32% voted to protect trees, recognising the immense significance of rainforest in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Preserving rainforest, the life support system of our planet, is a well-educated choice. 

26% voted to balance biodiversity, helping to maintain the well-being of animals, birds, and insects that are vital for rainforest health. By funding the protection of over 50% of the world’s species residing in rainforests, we ensure their continued existence and ecological balance.

Back people, protect rainforest

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