We believe in Indigenous peoples

People living in rainforest have protected it for thousands of years – let’s fight for this to continue for thousands more.


Today is International day of the world’s Indigenous peoples.


For us, it’s Indigenous people’s Day 365, 24/7.


For 15 years, we’ve backed indigenous communities in every way we can. From food security programmes to satellites in space to giving cash.

We know that without people living in and nurturing natural, carbon-capturing, biodiverse environments our futures would be even more uncertain.

Indigenous peoples must be recognised, respected and championed for their knowledge and experience in protecting nature. People living in rainforest need a level playing field, and they cannot do it alone.

We must act together as one. One community vs. the climate crisis.



Fight the climate crisis by decolonising data. Arm indigenous peoples with technology – back people now.

Fight food poverty by investing in indigenous peoples to research, train and grow drought resistant crops – back people now.

Fight wildfires now by giving cash to CARE, an Amazon-based indigenous-led organisation – back people now.

Donate to Cool Earth today.


Indigenous peoples living in rainforest. An Asháninka village surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. Aerial view.

An Asháninka village among tropical rainforest.