Our Impact

Working with local people

We work alongside local people to build better health, better education and better livelihoods to create resilient and empowered villages.

From working with Cool Earth, our local partners have reported improvements in all areas of life:


Rainforest is only safe when there is a village strong enough to protect it. We’ve put more rainforest under the protection of indigenous people than any other NGO or government.

Each of our projects grows organically when neighbouring villages ask to come on board. As these villages link up, they form a shield to make the adjacent forest inaccessible to destruction.

Each partner village is helping form a shield for 5 million acres of pristine rainforest.

Our Impact

We’ve proven that it is local people, not fences and patrols or governments and boardrooms that save forest.

Help us grow the shield to halt the destruction of the world’s remaining forest.

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