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Past Partnerships

Our past partnerships include work with communities and NGO’s from around the world. These partnerships created opportunities to learn that undoubtedly influence our approach today.

Unlike our ongoing work in the Amazon and New Guinea rainforests, these projects have fixed timeframes in which we were able to work closely with organisations like Fauna & Flora International and Legado. Both of which have a people-first approach just like us.

Mount Namuli

With increasing wildfires and intense drought as a result of local deforestation, Cool Earth’s partnership in Mozambique worked with the local community to directly address these challenges.

Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia represent one of the largest remaining tracts of rainforest in Southeast Asia. Spectacular vistas of rainforest canopy merge with vibrant rice paddies and the indigo silhouettes of the mountains. Like in many places, the challenge here was to develop the economy while protecting nature. Cool Earth’s partnered with Fauna & Flora International to support local women to earn a living with chicken husbandry, rice farming and veterinary training. It’s all to change lives, and reduce pressure on the local forest.