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A low angle of rainforest trees with sun bursting through the canopy.

Rainforest Champions | What Cool Earth can achieve in 2019 thanks to you

In December 2018, Cool Earth’s supporters raised more than any year previously. And thanks to two generous donors, every penny donated was matched. That means Cool Earth’s partners can do twice as much to protect the world’s remaining rainforest. Here’s just some of what they plan to achieve in 2019. Thank you for making it possible.



A village in the Peruvian Amazon is where it all started. Now, ten years on, 21 villages and over 5,000 community members are united to protect their forest. From ensuring crops such as cacao and coffee are out-pricing loggers, to implementing health and safety frameworks, it’s shaping up to be a busy year for our in-country teams.

You’ll be helping produce sustainable chocolate

Large reddish pink cacao pod

The best and most sustainable Cacao is grown under the canopy. That’s why Aurora and her team will be focusing on ensuring these precious plants are shade grown. Not only does it mean exisiting forest can stay standing, it improves productivity and quality to boot.

You will help feed families

A man (Josue) smiles at the camera whilst holding a glass beaker

Deep in the rainforest, access to a varied diet can be limited. Malnutrition affects everyone’s health, but often a lack of protein stops children from finishing education. Josue’s advice on fish farming will provide essential protein, and an income for families.

You’re championing Jamie to Help Wildlife

A man (Jamie Pena) pointing out locations on a map

Thanks to you, Cool Earth can support biodiversity champion Jaime Pena in his mission to protect the wonderful and weird wildlife of the Peruvian Amazon. Your doubled donations mean he can work alongside the University of Sussex to develop his skills further and monitor local biodiversity.


Papua New Guinea

With nearly 1,000 languages and incredibly biodiverse rainforest, Papua New Guinea is a fascinating albeit challenging place to work in conservation. The threat from unsustainable palm plantations is increasing, so arming local people with the skills and tools needed to develop sustainable incomes and protect rainforest is vital. In 2019, Cool Earth’s local champions will work towards increasing capacity and resilience to climate threats through a variety of activities.

“For too long our people have been drinking from murky water wells and creeks. We encounter many sicknesses from these dirty waters. We are very happy and grateful for this new source of safe drinking water. Once again we say thank you to Cool Earth and donor partners.”

– Alusi, Wabumari


Building links locally and nationally

Lady sat cross legged in door way wearing a blue skirt and bright top with bare feet

By helping partner communities build links with local and national government, you’ve given these rainforest champions a louder voice. Together we can promote Cool Earth’s ideas and the need to create resilience in the rainforest, long term.

You’re championing the climate

Climate champion Gellie Akui is focusing on community literacy in 2019. With funds raised by you in Cool Earth’s match-giving campaign, two teachers will begin literacy work in Sololo, giving our newest partner village choices that don’t involve deforestation.

You’ll be helping wildlife

a man ties a small green camera trap to a tree, behind him 3 pigs hang out

Rainforest communities know more than anyone about the wildlife in their rainforest. But with many species becoming more and more rare, some people in Wabumari and Gadaisu will never see these amazing animals for themselves. This year the two villages will focus on using camera traps and other tech to monitor wildlife and raise awareness, while developing strategies to keep species safe.


The Democratic Republic of Congo

Thanks to you, Cool Earth can commit to working alongside Flora and Fauna International (FFI) in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a further three years. Continuing civic unrest makes life difficult and forest conservation nowhere near a priority in Lubutu. By combining livelihood development and methods to improve health with measures that reduce the stresses on surrounding forest, we’re helping people improve their lives while keeping the carbon-rich rainforest standing.


You’re championing Geneveve

Lady from Lubutu community with orange head scarf and purple t-shirt looks at the camera, she is standing on a dirt road, with green verges, behind her are thatched houses and forest in the distance

We’re thrilled that the first phase of our partnership in Lubutu has been so successful, with fuel wood use halved already. In 2019, we want to understand what other benefits the partnership has brought, so we’re making plans to go and visit Geneveve and her community, to look at what’s happened so far and learn how we can do even more in the future.

You’ll help protect gorillas

Forest stretching up over a hill, a sky scattered with grey clouds hangs over.

With support from FFI, our partners will introduce fuel-efficient stoves to neighbouring villages. These low tech, high impact stove use less wood and put less strain on the forest. Good news for those who walk miles for firewood, and great news for the endangered Grauer’s Gorilla that calls the forest home.

Helping to end slash-and-burn

Lady wearing a bright pink patterns dress kneels next to fuel-efficient stove and fans it

Rainforest Champions | What Cool Earth can achieve in 2019 thanks to you Building upon the success of the fuel-efficient stoves, the community are in the process of beginning a farmer school. Local people will work with experts from FFI to identify which crops will improve nutrition, provide an income, and spell the end for slash-and-burn as an unsustainable method of food production.


Building the network

The most exciting plan for 2019 involves protecting more rainforest and reaching more communities than ever. Thanks to you, Cool Earth is creating a network of forest protection partnerships with local champions. From Cameroon to Cambodia, this rainforest network will supercharge Cool Earth’s impact and further our mission to halt deforestation and its effect on climate change.