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We’ve partnered with INCA

Meet INCA.

A restaurant not just inspired by tropical rainforest but protecting it too.

Our new business partner is helping fight deforestation with a simple act: offering diners the chance to “Give Rainforest Gratuity”.

INCA logo, the letters are dark, but dramatically but dramatically back lit on the restaurant wall.

Who are INCA?

A high-end restaurant and purveyor of truly immersive entertainment experiences, INCA is a hot spot channelling the Latin American spirit in food, drink and more.

Located in the heart of London INCA transports guests to a high-energy world of colour, music, dance and art synonymous with the South American cultures and landscapes that inspire them so much.

So much so they reached out to collaborate with us, to pay homage to the environments that make their work possible and to back people living in rainforest to protect it.

“Our goal is not to disrespect the origins of a great continent but to highlight the key values and characteristics it provides, such as energy, happiness, joy, colourfulness, and nature.  In doing this it has always been a big drive for INCA to give back, as we know the brand and essence of the venue would be nothing without these rich and inspiring cultural influences.”
– Damien Aiudi, Co-Founder

The next time you are lucky enough to go out to eat, try and count just how many things on the menu come direct from tropical rainforest. Better still, visit INCA and tip it!

"Through the partnership with Cool Earth we want to give back to the indigenous people and local communities that are at the very core of South America, ensuring their culture, forest and traditions will remain." Damien Aiudi, Co-founder

Why Cool Earth?

The core focus and principles of Cool Earth is what stands out to us. Protecting the rainforest as we all know is vital.

We firmly believe the future of our business as an entertainment and hospitality venue relies on the sustainability and the health of our future planet.  This is only possible by protecting the original culture and communities which are at the core of everything we do. Cool Earth is the perfect partner for us, and will enable INCA to contribute at ground level.

"By educating the next generation, through collaborations such as Cool Earth x INCA we will help raise awareness. By setting an example in an industry where it isn't so conventional to give back and inform we hope to set an example to not only our customers, but fellow hospitality businesses." Nathanael Dadoun, Co-founder

This is the time to act.

If you were looking for a sign to use your power for good, this is it.

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