Tippytap handwashing seen in Asháninka

How to make a Tippy Tap

Want to make your own tippy tap? All you need is three sticks, some string, a water container and a hot nail. That’s about it.

With some simple materials that can easily be found even in remote places, families can create their own method for keeping hands clean. Using a ‘tippy tap’ could reduce the spread of disease and cut the rate of preventable deaths by nearly half.

Healthy families mean a healthy forest.

Here’s how to make one

Illustrated step by step guide on how to make a Tippy Tap

Thanks to tippytap.org for the illustrations

The health of the forest depends on the health of local people.

Tippy taps are easy and cheap to build and maintain. We need your help to train local people in building them. Starting with our Asháninka partnership, we want to give every family somewhere to wash their hands.