Tippy Taps

A ‘tippytap’ is an ingenious way to wash your hands that’s perfect for use in remote rainforest areas. You only need a few basic materials and it uses minimal water. As it’s operated by a foot lever, there’s less chance of transferring germs.

Keeping hands clean is the simplest way to stop the spread of disease.

There’s no doubt that the tippytap is a genius bit of kit. But that’s just it – a piece of kit, and it’s no good if we can’t get more people to use it. Here’s Adelaida Bustamante to show you how it works:

With your help, Cool Earth will invest in training more practitioners like Adelaida to help other households build tippy taps, and educate people about hand-washing with soap.

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It only costs a few dollars for the materials to make a tippytap. And we think it’s money well spent.