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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

News and Stories

We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

Getting people-powered right!

Working closely with Cool Earth throughout her PhD, University of Exeter student Léna Prouchet’s research looks at refining the design and implementation of agricultural projects supporting Indigenous peoples and their livelihoods as they strive to protect their rainforest territories.

People vs. the climate crisis in Papua New Guinea

What are people on the ground doing to address environmental issues in Papua New Guinea? Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet, with an estimated 7% of the world’s…

A chocolate factory in the rainforest

When people living in the rainforest have cash, they have a choice. And for the Awajún, this enabled them to build a chocolate factory in the middle of the rainforest. For anyone in the chocolate making biz, transforming raw…

An update on the political situation in Peru

As the political crisis in Peru continues, our thoughts and unconditional support are with our partners and teams in Peru. Since our last statement on the political crisis in Peru, the situation has continued to worsen. A mounting death…

The fraudulent nature of nature-based offsets

To purchase carbon credits with the suggestion that fossil fuel emissions are somehow offset is making the climate crisis worse. It’s a distraction that benefits business as usual and continues to marginalise people who rely on the rainforest for survival.

Dancing for climate action: Meet fundraiser, Noa

With a desire to change the way we relate to our earth and taking inspiration from natural landscapes and local knowledge, Noa created the performance “2023”.   We caught up with Noa to find out more.   Can you tell…