Aerial image of rainforest burning in the Amazon.

Who are the Rainforest Firefighters?

Rainforest Firefighters are regular people.

Normal people are the rainforest firefighters.

Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins and grandparents. They are cacao growers, farmers, teachers, students; people just like you.

You can support the Rainforest Firefighters by donating today.

They fight rainforest fire with all they’ve got.

And it’s not a lot. People in rainforest do what we all would to protect our homes, families and livelihoods in the face of climate-induced fires. Rainforest communities have thousands of years of history managing fires but due to climate breakdown the goalposts have moved. We must work together to win.

We have a chance to use cash to not only put out fires but to prevent them.

What happens in rainforest doesn’t stay in rainforest. Home to millions of people, life-saving plants, the food we eat and an intricate ecosystem of animals and insects is experiencing climate breakdown. Fires. A problem caused by multinational corporations, and one that can be solved by people. People like you.

Join the Rainforest Firefighters.

Fund more equipment. More resources. More support. Stand behind the people fighting flames. You may not be in the rainforest but you can back the people that are.

Cash puts fires out.

Use your cash to help fight fires. Some use machetes, we can use money. By investing in rainforest communities be it for fire training, farming or GPS satellite technology we can dare to reimagine one of the worlds greatest carbon-capturing ecosystems as a stable, safe and nurturing place for the whole planet.

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