The sun's rays illuminate the smoke from a recently extinguished fire in the forest.

Why rainforest wildfires affect us all

All fire has the potential to be dangerous, life-changing, important. We know that. We also know that the health of rainforest affects the entire planet, all of us. 

From bananas to blizzards to heatwaves.

Rainforest regulates our weather, affects the food we eat, the air we breathe, the medicine we consume and the animals that we not only love but need. Most importantly it’s home to millions of people with thousands of years of experience managing rainforest.

People are the solution to the climate crisis.

If communities are forced out of their home – or worse – the rainforest suffers. That’s why we and many other charities, NGOs and activist groups are focussing energy here. The planet’s tinderbox. Undoing the damage to rainforest, by fire or otherwise, tackles the climate crisis at the root.

Join the Rainforest Firefighters.

People with no equipment, training or support are putting out rainforest fire right now. Anyway, they can. We too must do our bit. This fight is ours too. Some use machetes; we can use money.

Cash puts the most important fire in the world out.

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