Vivienne Westwood

Fashion icon and environmental campaigner extraordinaire.


Dame Vivienne Westwood was Cool Earth’s most committed supporter. 

After years of researching the most effective way of fighting climate change, Vivienne chose to support Cool Earth, donating over £1.5 million to our mission.

Vivienne sadly passed away in December 2022, and she will be so missed by our team. Read our Director Matthew’s tribute to Vivienne here. 

Saving our planet’s rainforests is a cause close to my heart. The fight for rainforests could quite literally save the world. Vivienne Westwood

Following a visit to an Asháninka community project by Vivienne and her husband Andreas in Peru back in 2013, Vivienne has since dedicated two Vivienne Westwood fashion shows to our cause, lobbied the Peruvian government, designed t-shirts, collaborated with Burberry on an exclusive fundraising collection, and used their influence to rally support from Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and many more.

In 2018, the British Fashion Council honoured Vivienne and our team with the Swarovski Award for Positive Change at The Fashion Awards. The award recognises and celebrates individuals who actively seek to address challenges in society using their resources to achieve change and positive impact.

Recent collaborations include the WePresent fundraising campaign with WeTransfer and the Serpentine gallery and the green energy Switch campaign with the British Fashion Council.

We are proud to feature in Vivienne’s Climate Manifesto, as part of her Climate Revolution campaign.