Nicky, Biodiversity Officer, crouches to photograph at the buttress roots of a tree in the Papua New Guinea rainforest.

Why People?

It's simple: people are the climate crisis solution.

Biodiversity Officer, Nicky, collecting data in the forests of Papua New Guinea

We believe in people living in the rainforest.

Indigenous peoples and local communities have always protected the rainforest, nurtured it, and kept it healthy for thousands and thousands of years simply by living there.

Backing the people who live in the rainforest and recognising and respecting their rights is essential in fighting the climate crisis. Their climate knowledge and rich history of living in rainforests ensure the best carbon sinks on earth can stay that way.

This climate action increases when backed with your cash; creating a people-first, earth-cooling revolution to be reckoned with.

Back People, Protect Forest

We don't know how to protect rainforest, people in rainforest do. When rainforest communities are backed with your cash, up to three times more rainforest is protected.

How cash protects rainforest.

People-first conservation


of the world's land surface

is made up of local and indigenous territories who steward this land.


of biodiversity on earth

is held in these territories. 80% of our planet's carbon-extracting, earth-protecting, wildlife-homing biodiversity.

A people-first approach can end the climate crisis.

Protecting the rainforest and reducing deforestation is essential in the fight against the climate crisis. It protects our collective future here on Earth.

We believe that the state of the rainforest will continue to worsen if indigenous peoples and local communities continue to be marginalised. Research over the last decade, including by Cool Earth, shows that people who live in the rainforest have historically been the best at shaping and stewarding these ecosystems.

Right now local and Indigenous peoples are doing most of the hard work, despite doing the least damage. In the face of oppression, exploitation, poverty and unprecedented effects of climate breakdown, people living in the rainforest are facing climate injustice on a global scale.

By backing the true climate experts we can turn the tide of global warming.

Together we can ensure rainforest can continue to pack a massive, carbon-capturing punch to cool our earth.

Believe in people

People are capable of incredible things - we all know that. When you put people at the centre of rainforest conservation - the rainforest wins and when the rainforest wins, we all do.

People: the climate crisis solution

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