July 1, 2010

Government “moving slowly” on climate change

The government is moving too slowly to meet targets it has set on lowering greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years, it has been claimed.

The efforts made by the government to tackle climate change have been blasted as too slow.

According to Phil Thornhill, national co-ordinator for the Campaign against Climate Change, the government is not moving swiftly enough to meet targets for reducing climate change by 2020.

He also claimed that the set targets are not strong enough and said that climate change is occurring more quickly than it is being dealt with by leaders.

Society needs to work as one in order to help cut emissions, he claimed.

“To really reduce emissions in a significant way, the whole of society [needs to] work together through government [policies]. It’s so much easier, and practical, to do it through government regulation than expecting individuals to do it one-by-one,” he explained.

As part of the Building a low-carbon economy – the UK’s contribution to tackling climate change report, published by the Committee on Climate Change, targets of a 34 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020 were set.

Written by Helen Montag.

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