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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

News and Stories

We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

A Dose of Climate Optimism

A different kind of Friday Feeling. This is your weekly dose of  Climate Optimism from around the world.   Klimë, klima, klimatu, ilmasto, éghajlat, podnebje… Young activists making climate information more accessible  [1]…

Rooting for Change with Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher puts people at its core. Entrepreneurial, pragmatic and socially conscious, Fieldfisher believes The Future is Human and takes a collaborative approach to everything it does. Needless to say, with this people-first attitude, we knew they were on our…

Meet Haier

Providing solutions to support people living in rainforest

Global Forest Watch Report: The Results Are In.

This week, Global Forest Watch released its annual analysis of 2021 tree cover loss in the Global Forest Review. We can’t sugarcoat it – the findings by Global Forest Watch are stark. Large areas of tropical and boreal forest that…

A Dose of Climate Optimism

Its time for some positive climate news. This is your weekly dose of Climate Optimism. Let it soak into your psyche and inspire action that undoes the climate crisis.   A Champion of the earth (and our hearts)…

A Dose of Climate Optimism

It’s Earth Day, lets talk climate optimistic news.   Mail order wiggly worms tackle waste. [1]Country Living (2022) Fancy receiving climate change fighting worms in the post? Now you can.

A Dose of Climate Optimism

A long weekend and four feel-good climate stories to keep you optimistic. Here’s your weekly dose of Climate Optimism.   Catching the green wave in Chile [1] (2022) Gabriel Boric, Chile’s…

A Dose of Climate Optimism

Here’s this week’s dose of climate optimism. It’s been a monumental week for climate news, both good and bad. We’ve donned rose-tinted specs to bring you action-inspiring good stuff from around the world. Read it, do not weep.   Scientists…

Reinforcing Relationships in Rainforest

This is issue 2 of The Bright Side. A quarterly blog with the purpose to inspire radical, climate optimism in people all over the world. How? With stories of action direct from the world’s most important, Earth cooling, carbon-sink rainforests. Action that our supporters fund with cash. Here, we focus on the bright side of rainforest conservation.