An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

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We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news that can inspire your own climate action now.

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Cooking, carbon and the Congo Basin

What comes to mind when you think about deforestation? Is it raging wildfires and vast log rafts floating down the Amazon? Orangutans battling bulldozers in Indonesia? The world’s second biggest rainforest is increasingly threatened by something much…

El Niño: the little boy that’s getting more dangerous

It is perhaps the most important natural fluctuation in the Earth’s climate. But it is also one of the least understood. The name El Niño is given to short-term warming of the surface waters of the tropical…

“The Garden Of Eden Is No More”

Speaking at the start of the 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Sir David Attenborough gave a stark warning, urging business leaders and politicians to make changes to tackle climate change before the damage is irreparable.

Micro Pin with a Big Message by Graham Short

When he’s not engraving the entire Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin, or making newspaper headlines for his images of Jane Austen and Harry Kane on £5 notes, Graham Short is somewhat of a rainforest enthusiast. Having…

Fuel-efficient stoves and the SDGs

Since 2015 Cool Earth has worked alongside Fauna & Flora International in the Democratic Republic of Congo to reduce firewood use by installing fuel-efficient stoves. This seemingly small and simple solution is making a measurable difference to the…

More extreme weather in Papua New Guinea

And while aftershocks continue to rock the highlands, storms rock the lowlands. Gadaisu village was on the edge of a tropical cyclone over the weekend. Former Community Association member John Isaac sadly passed away last year and it was…