July 1, 2010

Guyana people accuse government over rainforest

Indigenous dwellers in the rainforests of Guyana have accused the country’s leaders of failing to take into account their rights.

Indigenous dwellers in the rainforest of Guyana have accused the country’s government of taking away land which traditionally belongs to them.

According to Reuters Africa, the nation’s rainforest dwellers have spoken out against the government and accused it of taking the land through “poor demarcation” as it attempts to reap the benefits of a program set up by the UN to try and protect precious rainforests.

Amerindian leaders claim that the plans put forward by the Guyana government as part of the UN program do not have the rights of the indigenous people in mind.

Speaking at a World Bank meeting, president of the Guyana Amerindian Peoples Association Tony James said:

“We have urged governments and international agencies to protect our traditional practices and help resolve outstanding land issues.”

Meanwhile, researcher Rob Pickles recently travelled to the rainforests of Guyana in search of the giant otter, reported Planet Earth. On his travels, he also encountered a giant anaconda which had “shocking strength”, he said.

Written by Sandra Mann.

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